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Dungeons & Dragons


D&D is coming to the Wabeno Public Library!

Dungeons and Dragons, better known as D&D, is a tabletop role-playing game where players use characters and dice to create a collaborative narrative together. 

three illustrated people playing dungeons and dragons

Who Can Participate?

New and returning players of any age can join, though space is limited! Sign ups for each session will be at the library, and filled sessions will be marked in the “When and Where” section below.

What/When is Session 0?

Session 0 is where the Dungeon Master will set up ground rules for the adventure, go over characters and the setting, and overall give a prelude to the first session. For those new to D&D, questions will be answered and resources will be given to make sure you are all set to start adventuring!

Who/What is the Dungeon Master?

The Dungeon Master (DM) is the lead storyteller of the session, they describe the setting and its threats and decide the outcomes of the players’ actions. For the first few sessions, Steve Watson will be the DM. After those starter sessions, anyone interested may volunteer to do a session.

What to Bring?

All you have to bring is yourself and your imagination! If you have dice (d20, d10, d8, etc.) feel free to bring them, but for those who don’t have any, there will be some provided for use.

When and Where?

Sessions will be every other week during the summer at the Wabeno Public Library. The first few sessions will be one-shots and will have sign up sheets, so if you can’t make one date you can try for a different one!

Session 0: June 3 @ 5 pm
Session 1: June 7 @ 6 pm
Session 2: June 21 @ 6 pm
Session 3: July 5 @ 6 pm
Session 4: July 19 @ 6 pm
Session 5: August 2 @6 pm
Session 6: August 16 @ 6 pm


dndbeyond.com – Beginner Friendly and has free accounts. Great character builder, digital dice roller, and tracker all in one.

D&D Wizards of the Coast – Basic Rules – Basic rules for the game. 

Player’s Handbook – Available at the Wabeno Public Library for checkout!

Dungeon Master’s Guide – Available for holds at other libraries in the system.